Fr. Rich Andre, CSP

Fr Rich AndreFr. Rich Andre, CSP

Paulist Center Director

Rich Andre became the Director of the Paulist Center in July 2022. He is known for his creativity, listening skills, and ability to bring people together. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Rich has two degrees in Optics from the University of Rochester (NY). Before entering the Paulist novitiate, he worked for seven years as an optical engineer. In his first job, he used ultraviolet lasers to write computer chips; in his second, he worked on some of the world’s largest telescopes. Rich is also an amateur musician. He has marched in the Guinness World’s Records’ largest marching band in Milwaukee, taught Siberian dancers “The Electric Slide” on Welsh television, and performed a solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City… on toy cymbals.

Rich first met the Paulists through his sister at the Ohio State University more than 25 years ago. After he felt the Holy Spirit inviting him to consider the priesthood, Rich entered the Paulist novitiate in 2005. He was ordained a priest in 2012, along with Fr. Tom Gibbons (currently Vice President of Paulist Productions) and Fr. René Constanza (who became President of the Paulist Fathers in June 2022). He served as Associate Pastor at St. John XXIII University Parish and Catholic Center on the campus of “UT,” the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for four years. In 2016, he moved 1,000 miles to be across the street from another “UT,” the University of Texas-Austin, serving as Associate Pastor at St. Austin Catholic Parish and School. Since he has lived 16 of the past 17 years below the Mason-Dixon line, please be patient with Rich as he re-adjusts to life in the Northeast!