Fr. Rich Andre, CSP

Fr Rich AndreFr. Rich Andre, CSP

Paulist Center Director

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA and I have two degrees in Optics from the University of Rochester (NY). Before entering the Paulist novitiate, I worked for seven years as an optical engineer. In my first job, I used ultraviolet lasers to write computer chips; in my second, I worked on some of the world’s largest telescopes. I’m also an amateur musician. I have marched in the Guinness World’s Records’ largest marching band in Milwaukee, taught Siberian dancers “The Electric Slide” on Welsh television, and performed a solo at Carnegie Hall in New York City… on toy cymbals.

I first met the Paulists through my sister at the Ohio State University 25 years ago. After I felt the Holy Spirit inviting me to consider the priesthood, I entered the Paulist novitiate in 2005. I was ordained a priest in 2012, along with Fr. Tom Gibbons (currently Vice President of Paulist Productions) and Fr. Rene Constanza (who became the Paulist President on June 7). I served as Associate Pastor at St. John XXIII University Parish and Catholic Center on the campus of “UT,” the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for four years. In 2016, I moved 1,000 miles to be across the street from another “UT,” the University of Texas-Austin, to serve as Associate Pastor at St. Austin Catholic Parish and School. Since I have lived 16 of the past 17 years below the Mason-Dixon line, please be patient with me as I re-adjust to life in the Northeast! I am known for my creativity, listening skills, and ability to bring people together.