Infant Baptism

Preparation Class

We offer this required class free of charge if you’re a member of the Paulist Center Community. In addition, we offer the baptism preparation class as a service to those in the Archdiocese of Boston — parents or prospective godparents — who are not
members of the Paulist Center Community and are required to attend a
preparation class. We will provide a certificate of attendance to present to the
church where the child will be baptized. We ask for a donation of $20. 
Participants will be provided a certificate of attendance to give to the parish where they will have their child baptized.

 The preparation program includes the following elements:

  • A presentation of the history and theology of baptism
  • Explanation of the signs and symbols
  • Discussion of the parental and God-parental roles
  • A walk through of the baptism ceremony

For upcoming dates and to register for the class, please contact Fr. Chuck Cunniff, CSP

Infant Baptism Frequently Asked Questions