Prayer & Worship

Prayer and worship are at the heart of our faith life.

When we together offer praise and thanks to God, we also strengthen our bond with one another as members of the Body of Christ.  Attentive to the Holy Spirit, we encourage all to participate fully in word and silence, music and movement. We welcome all to join us in weekend liturgy, daily Mass, other sacraments, and prayer services.

General Information

  • Mass Schedule

    7:55am and 12:05pm

    Saturday Vigil

    10:00am, 6:00pm

    For more information see our Mass Schedule or visit our Calendar.

  • Holy Day Mass Schedule

    Mass times can vary depending on the Holy Day.

    Please see the Weekly Bulletin or our Calendar for information on the next upcoming Holy Day Masses.

  • Mass Readings

    Would you like to read and meditate upon the readings proclaimed at Sunday or daily Masses?

    Access today’s readings here. The English translation of these readings are from the New American Bible as found in the United States approved Catholic Lectionary for Mass. This same page also contains links to audio versions of the readings as well as podcasts and reflections that may be of interest.

  • Charismatic Prayer

    Spirit-filled prayer of those gathered for praise and worship

    This group meets for Spirit-filled worship on two Wednesdays of each month from 6:00-8:00pm. It’s a time in community; everyone is welcome to attend and participate. Those participating come to give their full attention to Jesus through the help of the Holy Spirit (who will teach all truth.)

    A prayer meeting has two purposes:
    1. To praise, worship, and honor God
    2. To build up the Body of Christ (as brothers and sisters)

    What is the content of a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?
    A typical gathering includes prayer; time of praise and worship; singing; prophecy (God inspiring someone to speak); tongues (in song, praise, or prophecy); interpretation of tongues; ministering the gifts of the Spirit to the people gathered in healing, miracles, word of knowledge, etc. (see 1 Corinthians 12); scripture reading; teaching; testimony; sharing (see 1 Corinthians 14:26-33).

    Approximately once a year, the local group holds a special seminar to help new members deepen their experience and understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    For more information contact Nora Bolcon

    To see the next upcoming Charismatic Prayer Services, see our Calendar.


  • Taizé Prayer

    Meditative prayer through simple chants around the cross

    Taizé prayer is a unique ecumenical form of prayer in which we gather around the cross with contemplative chants, meditative silence, Intercession and prayer. The monks of the ecumenical community in Taizé, France developed this prayer in 1940 under the leadership of Brother Roger. Taizé continues to draw Christians from around the world – especially young adults – who come as spiritual seekers. The Taizé community of brothers has many gifted composers who have composed hundreds of simple repetitive chants that those gathered sing in a variety of languages, signaling its universal appeal to Christians everywhere.

    We generally gather for this service one evening a week during Lent. The prayer service lasts approximately 45 minutes. We rely on the support of singers, instrumentalists, readers and those interested in helping create a sacred space to grow spiritually.

    Services are Tuesdays of the Lenten season at 7pm.

    For more information contact Jane Titus.

Further information:

Liturgical Ministries

Each weekend, baptized lay members of the assembly undertake particular liturgical roles to assist in the celebration of the sacred Liturgy. Each of them is responding to the call to service within the community using the unique gifts with which God has blessed them. These ministries include lectors, acolytes, sacristans, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, offertory gift bearers, greeters, dance, and art and environment.

Music Ministries

A team of talented and dedicated musicians provide the musical leadership at each of our weekend Masses. They support and enhance the communal sung prayer by the addition of some vocal harmonies as well as special instrumentation. Each music group rehearses approximately 75 minutes prior to their weekend Liturgy, with combined and special group rehearsals scheduled seasonally and as needed. This ministry depends on the active support of many gifted volunteer musicians who help support the Center’s vision for creating “vibrant liturgy.”