Marriage and Marriage Prep

Marriage Prep Program

Congratulations on your plans to be married in the Catholic Church!

The Paulist Center is a site for the Archdiocesan program, Transformed in Love. Some sessions are being held in person, some virtually, as noted next to the particular session dates below. The seminar begins on Friday evening starting at 7:00 pm. It continues the following day starting at 9:00am with a lunch break at noon and picking up again at 1:00 pm. Certificates at the in-person sessions will be distributed at the conclusion of the 5pm Mass. Both days must be taken in the same session.  We encourage engaged couples to take this course sooner, rather than later (!) as the information offered is to assist you in making good decisions in preparation for your life together as a married couple.


1. To begin the registration process, click on the link next to the session you are registering for below.

2. After your registration has been accepted, payment is made online ($230 for in-person sessions, $245 for virtual sessions).  On the form in the “Additional Instructions” field, please enter your name, your fiancé(e)’s name and the date of the Transformed in Love session you are registered for.

3. Registration for virtual sessions closes 2 weeks prior to a session, to ensure that workbooks, which are mailed, are received. You must provide an up-to-date mailing address. Registration for in-person sessions is until the session is full since materials will be distributed at the session.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday June 14 – Saturday June 15, 2024.  In-Person.  Register here.
  • Friday July 12 – Saturday July 13, 2024.  In-Person.  Register here.

No Session in August.

  • Friday September 13 – Saturday September 14, 2024.  In-Person.  Register here.
  • Friday October 4 – Saturday October 5, 2024.  In-Person.  Register here.

Virtual sessions resume in November.

If you have any questions about our program or preparation for marriage in general you may contact Fr. Rick Walsh, CSP.