Small Groups

Small Groups Overview

For more than 50 years, the Paulist Center Community has formed small faith-sharing groups meeting to share faith and to support each other.  In the 1960s we called them “Koinonia Groups” (meaning “Christian fellowship or communion”).  Currently several groups meet on a regular basis.

A typical format for a meeting of a small faith-sharing group (6 – 12 people) gathering to discuss some aspect of scripture or spirituality.  A blessed byproduct of this process is that participants get to know one another and thereby support each other in their faith journeys.  Members of a group typically live near one another and meet once a month in each other’s homes.

When asked to describe their experience, current members of small faith-sharing groups the following:

  • “…meeting and becoming friends with wonderful people whom I wouldn’t have known.”
  • “I’ve felt listened to and supported in my life challenges”
  • “It offers a more intimate place to explore my spirituality”
  • “Meaningful sharing has increased my faith”
  • “… fellowship and support”
  • “It’s been good to spend time reflecting on and discussing issues of faith”
  • “I feel like I am growing spiritually”


Current Paulist Center Groups welcoming new members:
  • Melrose/Malden/Wakefield Groupcontact Trudy MacDonald for more information.
  • Watertown+ Groupcontact Donna Doucette for more information.
  • Salem-North Shore Group –contact Denis Hurley for more information.


To learn more about small groups, please contact Nancy Mehlem.