Welcome Letter from our Director

Dear Friends both old and yet to be,

Welcome to the Paulist Center Community’s website. As we say in our Mission Statement, crafted several years ago and still our guiding voice: Attentive to the Holy Spirit and nourished by vibrant liturgy, we are a Catholic community that welcomes all, fosters healing and reconciliation, and acts for justice.

Our faith in our gracious God gathers us together. Ever seeking to be faithful and spirited followers of Jesus Christ, we worship weekly both to be nourished by the Presence of Jesus Christ and to be sent forth to live lives in loving witness in our world. But, honestly, like most human beings, some weeks are better than others. But our Christian commitment inspires us to be faithful and to support one another in that faithfulness. Some of our members are truly saints, alive in their faith and tireless in their service to others. Others are a little tired, a little weary, and, frankly, still seeking, with doubts and questions. Still others are pretty skeptical and echo one of Jesus’ apostles in saying, “Are you the one or should we look for another?”

If you can find yourself in one of these groups, we believe that the Holy Spirit may well be beckoning you to join us in your quest. As one of Jesus’ apostles said to one of his relatives, “Come and see.”

We hope that, if you are new, you will join us in Sunday worship or one of our ministries. If you have been around for a while, we hope that this website will open up dimensions of the Paulist Center that you were not aware of. And if you have been around a while, perhaps there is a ministry that appeals both to your passions and to your talents.

In any case, you are welcome here! We are blessed by your presence! And, should you wish any clarification about what you see here, please do not hesitate to ask.

Fr Rich Andre

Gratefully in Christ,

Fr. Rich Andre, C.S.P.