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Issues of Most Concern to the Paulist Center

Dear Companions on the Journey,

Last week, I suggested that the Paulist Center needs to commit itself to a limited number of issues so that it does not become victim of the crisis du jour, a fickle group who follows the last, fashionable cause. What are those few issues which I identify with the Paulist Center Community? From my perspective, they are the following:

Hunger and Homelessness.  As the community that began the Greater Boston Walk for Hunger, we have said, as a community, we will keep this perennial need as one of our commitments.  This year is the 50th anniversary of the Walk for Hunger.  A time of renewed commitment.  Our Wednesday Night Supper Club, our monthly Saturday breakfast, and our weekly Food Pantry express this ongoing commitment.

El Salvador and justice in Central America.  From activism political support for those who suffered in the wars of the 1980s, to partnering with our sister community Hacienda Vieja, to ongoing consciousness of fair trade to support local communities, from the 1980s, the Paulist Center has kept El Salvador among our concerns long after media attention went elsewhere. (Sad to say, the removal of Temporary Protective Status for our Salvadoran brothers and sisters makes this commitment all too relevant. See the Romero Alcove at the back of the chapel.)

Immigration and Refugees.  Although variously expressed through the years. the Immigration Advocacy Group (IAG) refocused community attention after the government’s effort to ban immigrants from Latin America and the Middle East.

Inclusion in our Community and Worship Life.  The emerging women’s groups, LGBTQ group, and lay involvement in the Liturgy are all expressions that “all are welcome.”  This was foreshadowed by the Paulist Center Community’s pioneering work in support for Separated and Divorced Catholics.

Environmental Issues.  Care of our Common Home is the latest Paulist Center expression of our Catholic concern about the environment. Last October’s liturgical reflections on Laudato Si as well as ongoing efforts at environmentally sound practices mark a long-standing Paulist Center commitment.

Prison Reform.  The St. Dismas Committee works for a Catholic social teaching approach to how we approach those incarcerated in our society.

What do you think?

And let us pray for/with one another.