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Notes on the Holy Spirit

Director’s Reflection

Dear Companions on the Journey,

Isaac Hecker, founder of the Paulist Fathers, wrote some notes on the Holy Spirit I like to ponder during the Pentecost season (obviously if he were writing today, Hecker would use more inclusive pronouns):

Through the Holy Spirit the world was called out of chaos.
Through Him the patriarchs and prophets were inspired.
Through Him the way to the Incarnation was prepared.
Through Him the Church was established.
Through Him every Christian soul is regenerated.
Through Him all things receive their perfection and are glorified.
Through the Holy Spirit the martyrs received the strength to sustain triumphantly their sufferings.
Through Him the apostles of nations were filled with zeal and power to convert nations.
Through Him the innumerable litany of the Saints were sanctified.
Through the Holy Spirit we receive all that is Holy, Good, True and Beautiful.

What do you think?

And let us pray for/with one another.
The Paulist Center