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Prayer of Fastening

Director’s Reflection

Dear Companions on the Journey,

Joyce Rupp is a spiritual writer from whom I’ve learned much through the years.  (And stolen some great homily material.)  Reflecting on Julian of Norwich’s claim that “prayer fastens the soul to God,” Rupp composed the following “Prayer of Fastening”:

Fasten my entire heart to you, Love of all Loves,
That all I am and do finds its motivation in you.

Fasten my mind to you, Inner Peace,
That whatever stirs within leads to tranquility.

Fasten my days to you, Divine Presence,
That in each happening I remain united with you.

Fasten my nights to you, Holy Darkness,
That I find restoration in your embracing silence.

Fasten my joys to you, Delight of My Soul,
That these memories comfort me in times of trouble.

Fasten my sorrows to you, Compassionate One,
That I experience solace in your kindheartedness.

Fasten my concerns to you, Trustworthy Confidante,
That I withdraw from fears and place my trust in you.

Fasten my responsibilities to you, Sustainer of Strength,
That my daily efforts evolve from a non-resistant spirit.

Fasten my anguished world to you, Holder of Hope,
That my dreams for justice and peace become a reality.

What do you think? 
And let us pray for/with one another.
The Paulist Center