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Sr. Joan Chittister – Will Receive the 2019 Isaac Hecker Award for Social Justice on March 6, 2021 @ 7 PM!

On Saturday, March 6 from 7-8:15 pm, Sr. Joan will zoom in live to our community to accept our award and speak to us about her work.

In choosing Sister Joan, the selection committee concluded that Sr. Joan is not only the embodiment of all that Fr. Isaac Hecker stood for, but as one of the foremost Catholic thinkers, theologians, and moral leaders of our time, she has been a role model and inspiration for so many of us on a personal level. Her message has universal appeal and resonates with the larger Paulist Center community and beyond. Her compelling and prolific writing, which reflects her unwavering commitment to social justice, serves as a catalyst for change within our hearts and a call to act in accordance with the tenets of our faith. She cares deeply about the poor and marginalized in our society, and demands that we attend to the injustices in our world that have contributed to so much human suffering. Her attention is focused now on the plight of immigrants fleeing violence and persecution, rampant social and economic inequality, and the perils of climate change – issues of special concern to the Paulist Center community as well. Even after the change in our political climate, we are called to Sister Joan’s latest book, “The Time is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage” reflecting the urgent need for definitive action if we are truly going to change the course of our society. Sister Joan will speak on this as well as Pope Francis’ encyclical, Fratelli Tutti. We look forward to celebrating our treasured award with Sr. Joan on March 6 @ 7 pm.

Here is the registration link to this event. After you register, we will email you a zoom link closer to the date.

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