Senior High Youth Group

The group’s goal is to provide our teens with a forum for conversation on spiritual topics, life, and high school.  Participants enjoy a mix of discussions, fun activities, service projects, movies and other events throughout the year.


Youth Group’s Mission Statement:

  • We are and hope to be a youth group that helps each other grow in wisdom and knowledge in the faith and to care for one another.
  • We are and hope to be a youth group committed to welcoming others and having fun.
  • We are and hope to be a youth group that develops leadership skills in its members.
  • We are and hope to be a youth group that sees God’s spirit in our everyday lives.
  • We are and hope to be a youth group that appreciates the value of community, including those in need.

Registration is required for these programs. View this year’s registration form to sign up now.

Sr. High Youth Group (Grades 9-12)
Once teens are confirmed the question can quickly become “Now what?”  Instead of an end to one’s religious education formation, we invite teens to view it as the beginning of a new period of spirituality and responsibility, the beginning of a maturing discipleship.  The classes may be over, but now the field work begins!
Here is a place where you can investigate the “Now what?” and explore how God is calling you to use your gifts of the Spirit.  The group is a combination of social time (aka fun!), service to those in need, theological discussions on movies, and a time to inquire about being a lector, eucharistic minister, sacristan, musician, teacher, etc.
And because social justice is an important part of our mission here at the Center, the youth group is an opportunity to engage with our ministries like our immigration and racial justice advocacy groups, our criminal justice reform group, our food programs like the Wednesday night supper club and our food pantry, and our care for creation ministry.
The Sr. High Youth Group will provide you with a safe and special opportunity to have important conversations about who you are and who you want to become. finding and using your voice in our church and beyond.
Below is last year’s schedule, to give you an idea.  Next year would be similar.

Senior High Youth Groups (11:15 am – 1:00 pm)

  • October 2nd
  • October 16th
  • November 6th
  • November 20th
  • December 11th
  • January 8th
  • January 22nd
  • February 5th
  • March 5th
  • March 19th
  • March 26th
  • April 2nd
  • April 30th
  • May 21st – FREP Party after 10 am mass