Web Administration

Rob Smyser at the Needham Band Concert in 2017

Rob Smyser

Web Administration and Music Ministry

Rob has played clarinet as a liturgical musician in some capacity since 1996.  His wife, Bridget, cantors at the Noon Mass and brought him into the fold saying “We don’t need a Catholic, we need a clarinet.”  But music became the door and Rob went through the Paulist Center’s RCIA program a couple of years later.  Rob was in IT at MIT when the web was invented and was part of the small group that established the Paulist Center’s presence on the Internet early on.  Rob has been posting the Bulletin to the web all these years, and is now expanding his role to help manage the Paulist Center web presence on a more formal basis.  Rob has played clarinet and bass clarinet in various bands and orchestras all his life and is one of the things he loves best.