Paulist Center Endowment

Paulist Center Endowment Investment Committee

Developing the Paulist Center Endowment

In January 2006, a Paulist Center Ad Hoc Investment Committee held its first meeting. This was the fruit of the Center’s first capital campaign, which met the goal of developing an unrestricted endowment to support ministries. The Committee was charged to decide how to invest the endowment in a socially responsible way and to draft a proposal for the calculation of the annual transfer from the endowment to the operations budget.

For a fuller explanation on the process and for links to information on Socially Responsible Investing resources, please read the document  Developing the Paulist Center Community Endowment.

Statement of Investment Principles

  • As the Paulist Center Community, we aspire to express the good news of Jesus and His social teachings in contemporary society. We seek to manifest God’s love for all.
  • One way we work to accomplish our mission is by serving as responsible stewards of our investment resources to provide for the current and future needs of our Paulist Center Community and for our ministries.
  • Another way we accomplish our mission is through socially responsible investing that considers the moral and ethical standards of companies, as well as the risks and rate of return on investments.
  • We seek to invest in companies and other investment possibilities that contribute to the building of a peaceful and just world. We have set forth investment guidelines that speak to this purpose.

Please see the full text of our  Statement of Investment Principles.

The Paulist Center Investment Policy Statement

The Paulist Center Endowment is an unrestricted endowment whose assets are intended to provide support for the mission of the Paulist Center in perpetuity and will seek to invest its funds in a socially responsible manner, in companies and other investment possibilities that contribute to the building of a peaceful and just world.

The purpose of this Policy Statement is to articulate the broad guidelines that will be applied to the long-term management of the endowment.


Paulist Center Endowment Helping Our Neighbors

A small portion of our modest Paulist Center Endowment is invested in Community Based Investments (CBIs).  One of the CBI’s is BlueHub Capital, an organization that has garnered repeated and prolonged nationwide praise for its innovations in helping underserved communities, in particular helping save many people’s homes over the last several years and, more recently, for an innovative program to bring solar energy to the projects they fund.  We are happy to be listed in good company under their religious organization investors in their latest annual report. It is through all of our members’ commitment and generosity that we can participate in good works such as these.