Art and Environment

Community volunteers enhance the liturgical rhythms of the Church year by using their artistic, creative talents for the preparing the Chapel environment for worship during the liturgical seasons. Individuals take time to study the unique seasonal elements, meet and discuss the spatial possibilities, and then execute plans, especially in anticipation of major celebrations, such as Advent/Christmas and Lent/Holy Week/Easter/Pentecost, as well as Ordinary Time. We seek people who appreciate an environment that fosters communal prayer, are creative with visual details or fabrics, as well as those who have a special love for live plants and flowers!

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“Churches … must be places “suited to sacred celebrations,” “dignified,” and beautiful. Their suitability for worship is determined by their ability through the architectural design of space and the application of artistic gifts to embody God’s initiative and the community’s faithful response. Church buildings and the religious artworks that beautify them are forms of worship themselves and both inspire and reflect the prayer of the community as well as the inner life of grace. Conversely, church buildings and religious artifacts that are trivial, contrived, or lack beauty can detract from the community’s liturgy. Architecture and art become the joint work of the Holy Spirit and the local community, that of preparing human hearts to receive God’s word and to enter more fully into communion with God.” – paragraph 18, Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture, and Worship”, USCCB, 2000.

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