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February Pastoral Council Update

Our February meeting served as a reminder that, while times are definitely tough in the church these days, there’s a lot of life at the Paulist Center.

First up were Deb Heimel and Rebecca Sheils, previous co-chairs of the Center’s annual auction, now working behind the scenes, happening this year on Saturday, April 27. They reported that they could use some more larger items — anybody got a timeshare or vacation home they’d be willing to offer?

Some other examples of a Center still tickin’:

  • The week of prayer for Christian Unity
  • The renewal of Paulist Associates
  • The vigil at the South Bay House of Corrections
  • The evening panel about human trafficking
  • Two presentations of “Conversations with My Molester”
  • The presentation by Andrew Sullivan
  • Ongoing meetings of Catholics Struggling to Stay Catholic
  • 11 children preparing for First Communion
  • Strong enrollment for Marriage Prep each month
  • Early registrations for the May 5 Walk for Hunger

Want to learn more?

Minutes of council meetings are posted to the bulletin board outside the auditorium and are available by request via email.