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February Pastoral Council Update

Our February meeting served as a reminder that, while times are definitely tough in the church these days, there’s a lot of life at the Paulist Center.

First up were Deb Heimel and Rebecca Sheils, previous co-chairs of the Center’s annual auction, now working behind the scenes, happening this year on Saturday, April 27. They reported that they could use some more larger items — anybody got a timeshare or vacation home they’d be willing to offer?

Some other examples of a Center still tickin’:

  • The week of prayer for Christian Unity
  • The renewal of Paulist Associates
  • The vigil at the South Bay House of Corrections
  • The evening panel about human trafficking
  • Two presentations of “Conversations with My Molester”
  • The presentation by Andrew Sullivan
  • Ongoing meetings of Catholics Struggling to Stay Catholic
  • 11 children preparing for First Communion
  • Strong enrollment for Marriage Prep each month
  • Early registrations for the May 5 Walk for Hunger

Want to learn more?

Minutes of council meetings are posted to the bulletin board outside the auditorium and are available by request via email.

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January Pastoral Council Update

Immigration Sanctuary Community

The Paulist Center will not itself be providing a sanctuary site for undocumented immigrants, but invites members to volunteer at sites maintained by groups in Newton and Cambridge. To learn more, contact council member Mike Bohen.

Thinking of joining the Pastoral Council?

We have volunteers to fill immediate vacancies, but we’ll have five slots to fill in the spring. If you’ve thought about joining, council chair Maggie Keefe is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Want to learn more?

Minutes of council meetings are posted to the bulletin board outside the auditorium and are available by request via email.

Next meeting of the Catholics Struggling to Stay Catholic Meetup Group: 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday Feb. 21. Council member Bill Mitchell wrote about the group for NCR Online.


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December Pastoral Council Update

Here’s the news in brief from our December meeting: New members needed, a discussion about communications strategy, and a couple of ways to read the minutes of pastoral council meetings.

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